La'Couria Economic Program

La'Couria's Economic Program (LEP) is a volunteer and member base program that rewards these special individuals for their help, time and self progression.     

The LEP revolves around a point system. We give our volunteers and members numerous opportunities to earn points. Points that we refer to as La'Couria Units or L.U's.

After accumulating so many points, they will be allowed to purchase items from La'Couria with these L.U's.     

For example, if a La'Couria member or volunteer earns 100,000 L.U's, he will be able to purchase this car. Or the hundreds of others items in OUR online store.

Ways to earn points

•Volunteer hours- 1 hour= 5 L.U's


•Work Assignments/1 assignment= 5 L.U's

•Weeks top earner= 100 L.U's

•Months top earner= 300 L.U's

•Year's top earner= 1000 L.U's

•Heading Projects/Industry= 500 L.U's/wk plus 1= L.U per item produced.

•Anything that one does for the benefit or building of La'Couria is capable of earning L.U's. You ingenuity and innovation is worth more L.U's than anything listed above.

What Can You Do With L.U's?

·Convert them to cash once you reach Citizen status (earn 100,000 or more)

·Buy items from La'Couria's online store. Items include cars, land, gift cards, toys, clothes, house-hold items and items and/or services that La'Couria's volunteers or members create.

Once 100,000 L.U's are reached, we consider you Citizen Status. All Citizens are allowed to cash out their L.U's, in any denomination, at the current exchange rate.

Currently, you may exchange 10 L.U's for $1 usd.

For more about the La'Couria Economic Program, sign up here ☝and make an account today.