501c3 Status
501c3 Status

501c3 status!

3D design for La'Couria and WestSide Associates land in California City!

We are currently seeking funding to develope this design on the La'Couria's land. Westside Associates Property will be divided into investment and Partnership lots. Lots suitable for our entrepreneurial incubator program. We offered land as our part of the partnership for young urban entrepreneurs.




Upon incorporation, seeking the appropriate donations will be a top priority. We will seek donations to help build, form and sustain a microcosmic economy and business centers.




3)Real /Property

4)Raw Materials

5)Equipment and  machinery

6)Food and produce

7) Volunteer Labor & Experts

8 Recyclables

1) Money: All cash will be used for graduate business loans, bills, unavoidable overhead and unobtainable donations, essential to the daily operations of the Organization. (But mostly graduate business loans)

2) Land: Land will be used for development and farming. Leased or borrowed land will be used forshort-term aspirations and seasonal farming.
A) Development: We will make aggressive attempts to house our participants and expand our institutiongrounds. Most labor, design, and execution will be carried out by the students and architecture pupils/department as a hands-on method of teaching.
B) Farming: There will also be aggressive attempts (extremely aggressive) to develop the La'Courian farming system. Simply put, this in greenhouse gardening on steroids. The greenhouse shield over the farming land will help us avoid insects that threaten the crop. By, which eliminating the use of pesticides and other protective chemicals, resulting in a purely organic and healthier product. This method is also to utilize an acre of land to its fullest extent. Its vertical tier design will allow us to harvest, at minimum, 30 acres worth of crops per 1 acre of land.

3) Real Estate: We will mostly seek real estate donations for the purpose of institutional expansion and housing. Though we will initially focus our efforts in Los Angeles County, our ultimate goal is to expand to as many urban areas as possible. If good quality real estate is donated, that will be extremely appreciated. But we will mostly have accessto condemned, fixer-uppers and non-utilized properties because there is usually a decent supply available. Especially in urban areas and cities with struggling economies, like Detroit. This will help to accumulate enough property to form and expand the organization of our intent. Pupils and volunteers will help us fix these properties up for use. We will seek to borrow property as a donation/lease agreement. Meaning, whatever the amount of cash that would be paid for the rent or lease would be their donation value. Or donors can just let us borrow property for certain period of time just because they are not using it at the moment.

4) Raw Materials: Being that students will need products and services for their microbusiness to contribute to the microeconomy, La'Couria will seek donations for the materials needed to manufacture these products and services, rather than the cash to purchase them. Let’s say that a student has a candy micobusiness. Sugar cane (to grow sugar), recyclables (wrappers, packaging, and ect..) and corn seeds (togrow corn for plastics, ect...) will be a few of the items we would seek for this form of micobusiness operation. We, however, will mostly seek metals and other such materials that are needed to build manufacturing machines and necessities that will contribute to our microeconomics production capacity. Donors may appreciate this approach as opposed to the donations of cash. So we may receive more donations in this fashion, than if all we asked for was cash. But for certain these donations will be more valuable to the organization and its goal of self-sustainability. The cash value of these donated materials will be the donor’s deductible amount.

5) Equipment and Machinery: We need equipment and machines that will help with the manufacturing of the: for-sale products, microeconomic production and needs, development and expansion, classequipment and supplies, ect... . Our sought equipment and machinery will allow us to produce, process, manufacture and build what we need to sustain as a socially helpful Organization & micro economy.

Note: If machinery can not be donated, maybe 'time' on their machines may be donated. When notoperating, we canuse these machines to make our products for an hourly rental fee. As a donation, the accumulated rental fees will be the tax deductible amount.

6) Food and Produce: We do not seek finished product/goods. But livestock, farming seeds and breedable sea creatures (fish, oysters, shrimp, ect.) that will allow us to produce our own food stuffs and goods from our own sources. This will make us self-reliant. A crucial element needed to sustain a program of our projected magnitude and desired accomplishments. Hand in hand with the equipment and machinery, these will be the most important donations to our Organization, at least from the inception, or what we refer to as the “Phase One Economy. ”We must first and foremost be able to feed and clothed all participants in the program. Anything in access may be sold to the public or utilize for charitable events. Also, the class/dept. that oversees this operation will use it for hands-on educational purposes. Last but not least, this will be the axis of our microeconomy in phase one.

7) Volunteer Labor and Expertise: It is not just a labor force we desire from volunteers, but also the experience & knowledge of experts & successful professionals. Their time to teach and inspire is a priceless and precious commodity to an Organization like ours. We also hope they may provide us assistance with their professional trade. If a volunteer were an engineer, for example, with our rawmaterials to create manufacturing machines, the engineer could help us do so; leaving the students withthe knowledge and hands-on experience of the trade.