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La'Couria Africa Staff
La'Couria Africa Staff

Why We Need La'Couria!

Please Read The Plan

Brotha's and Sista's it is about time we get our stuff together. No more protesting. No more begging.  And no more self-ambitions. 

It is time we get OUR OWN. Not just our own businesses. But OUR OWN resourse. OUR OWN industries. OUR OWN identity. OUR OWN economy. Then no one can tell us crap.

I know this sounds like a complicated task, but it really isn't. All we need is action and participating. Your action! And OUR OWN participation.

Brotha's and  Sista's, the plan is here. We just need each other to make it happen.

Please Read The Plan

The willie lynch Syndrome.

La’Courian Ideology

(From the La’Courian Ideology Document )

Abolishing the will lynch Syndrome (The Syndrome)

Our Organizations entire existence revolves around the ‘Annailiation’ of 'The Syndrome’

from the hearts, minds, and souls of the Black Culture.

The doctrines set forth in the ‘La’Courian Ideology Document’ are severely essential to

the ‘Annailiation’, and ‘Reversal’ of ‘The Syndrome.’ These doctrine’s will provide the

methods and tools in the form of mindstates, words, and perspectives that must be injected and

projected throughout our culture and world for the ‘Annailiation’ and ‘Reversal’ to be a reality.

Maybe you'll believe it if Denzel says it.

We are told that this letter is fictitious and that willy lynch never existed. And some of OUR people really want to believe this. Yet, the evidence of its existence in OUR people is overwhelmingly apparent. 

Or....maybe if Nipsey says it...

He embarked on the path he chose because he saw the Syndrome for what it was and did not want to continue contributing to it. So his career and example contributed more to the solution than the problem.

La'Couria wishes to make Nipsey's example more common in OUR Brotha's and Sista's as opposed to the exception. We need more Nipsey's....