How We Start

But.....before anything, we need YOU!!!
But.....before anything, we need YOU!!!

The Beginning!

How Do We Put It All Together?

  1. Come together!

  2. We meet up at La'Couria, parks or a designated district headquarters; and teach each other business and economics, as well as Black & La'Courian awareness.

  3. Put OUR energy together in order to farm food and grow the natural resources (flax, soy, wheat, corn, ect…) we need to create the La'Couria's initial products and revenue sources. La'Couria has the land(41 acres) in California City, we just need help.

  4. Organize fundraisers as second source of revenue.

  5. Use OUR park and house meetings to recruit, and organize La'Couria and it's divisions.

  6. Form La'Couria Student Unions throughout as many schools as possible.

  7. We will use the profits from OUR labor to build the educational institution described in the document ‘La'Couria: Infrastructure’


And this is the beginning!

If we start right, we can end here!
If we start right, we can end here!

3D design of La'Couria and Westside Associates land.

We are currently seeking funding to develope this design on the La'Couria's land. Westside Associates Property will be divided into investment and Partnership lots. Lots suitable for our entrepreneurial incubator program. We offered land as our part of the partnership for young urban entrepreneurs.